Want to make your next ad campaign a mind-blowing success?

"Announcing a Hall-of-Fame Direct-Response Copywriter That Will Guarantee To Outpull Your BEST Ad"

An open letter to every entrepreneur who secretly believes there is a method to why some people make fortunes every time they publish an ad (and why most suck at the same date in the same media).

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

"Have You Heard What Other Marketers Are Saying?"
Gary Halbert, Copywriting Legend, Says:
"Dominic is a top-gun I would not like to compete with."

- Gary Halbert,
The Gary Halbert Letter

The Lazy Way To Riches:
"Ok, let me get this straight: Dominic really knows his stuff. This is a copywriter with additional marketing skills. He understands what works, and what doesn't through extensive testing and experience. The slightest details within a copy could mean an increase in sales. And this is where Dominic really shines.

Not only does he write copies that sell, he explains to you, the reasons for his actions. Hiring him for my copy was one of the best business decisions I've ever made. Great guy to work with, excellent talent, and boy did my sales jump!"

- Ernest Tan aka The Lazy Pig,

...more testimonials below...

Just like in the selling field, in direct-response advertising some people constantly break sale records, making fortunes for themselves and those they work for, while others struggle to make one sale.

That's the harsh reality.

If you want a sales letter that will make you rich and sell your product like crazy, this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here's why: My name is Dominic Wright and I have sold over 55 million dollars' worth of merchandise for myself and my clients with my sales letters.

That kind of success has nothing to do with sweet words. Instead, I use tested methods that have worked in past and give my clients the opportunity to cash-in on previous record-breaking promotions.

Over the last eight years I've developed my battle-tested bag of tricks that out-pulls almost any ad - even a good one.

And that is what makes MONEY.

A good salesman-in-print that keeps working for you relentlessly 24hrs a day, grabbing your reader by the eyeballs and not letting him go until he is persuaded to grab his wallet and beg you to rush him your product - that's the effect of good advertisement.

And I've been able to get it over and over again, seventy eight times.

You see, if you are cheap on yourself and get a mediocre letter, you will only be able to gamble. Like on a roulette wheel where you've invested all your business success on red.

And it spins...

Sometimes you'll hit the red and make some money. With luck, your ad will be more effective than the cost of ad space. Other times, it won't.

If you don't know where you are going, every road will take you there.

BUT, if you know you want sales and a mind-blowing level of success, then you want a fool-proof method that will get you there.

And that method is stupid-simple - hire the best.

If you hire someone who has been producing winner after winner, there is a chance he is one of those rare-breeds that out-sells an entire team of mediocre salesmen.

I am one of those rare-breeds.

It may sound brash, but with over $55 million dollars’ worth of promotions I’ve created, after 8 years in the industry (with the last three on the very top), I am able to say that and back it up with my own money.

Who The Hell Is Dominic Wright And Why Do So Many People Call Him "The Most Effective Copywriter In The World"?

Let me show you what some of my clients have to say about me first...

"Much Better Conversion."

"Hey Dominic,

Thank you very much for your GREAT work. I already put it in some kind of small test and it was much much better than my old letter. I will start using it next week!

Kind regards,


  Saleh Alajji, author of "How To Develop A Strong Presence"



That's awesome thank you. I sound like a champion :)

- Adrian Law, success coach and author of "Law To Success"


"Your follow-up letter converted really well."

 — Frank Mangano



"Dominik is a very good copywriter, I highly recommend that you use his services as it will bring you guaranteed results"

Anthony Lufadeju"

- Anthony Lufadeju, Internet Wealth Incubator


With advertising strategy to almost unfair competitive advantage!

"I've just met Dominic and his ability to narrow down exactly what needs to be done to get the best return out of my online marketing efforts is a breath of fresh air.

Dr. Sammy Andrews"


"$108,924  In Profit With 25k Ad"

“Hey Dom,

Finally we have letter that works consistently. A full page ad costs us between 22-26k and last week we profited $108,924 from it.

I just hope it will continue working like that.

 — Manuel J. Ponovski, Entrepreneur, UK

The reason for my explosive copywriting success lies in this shockingly-simple realization - I haven't started as a copywriter for other people, careless about the results my ads will generate.

I was working for myself. And I was near-broke.

I simply couldn't afford to fail, so I paid extra-careful attention each time I'd do an ad. I would maximize my chances by comparing my ad to previous successful campaigns.

It was like a gamble I had to win.

Luckily, it took me only one good ad to skyrocket my profits and financially get back in shape.

Since then, I have shaped my skills to the world-class level by working on my own projects. It is an ecstatic moment when you publish an ad on Saturday and by the end of the day you have doubled your cost.

And that is on a bad day.

If it is a rainy Saturday (great day for advertisers), you can easily make four times the profit. And then, the process has only begun...

Now you have a WEAPON.

The next step is to aim it at all the other media that has access to your targeted market and then...


Once you know the results, the response rate your ad is pulling, you can easily run it  many times, multiplying the profit.

When does this ideal end, you might ask?

Some ads wear off in a year, some in two, and some... run just as powerfully seven years in a row.

Eight years ago I've offered, for the first time, my profit-skyrocketing sales letters to my first, very special client (that guy later made millions from my letter). Since then, my money-making skill became available to my special clients that qualify for my service (more about that in just a second).

Yes, a good copywriter can get you a winner regardless of the economy, without caring about competitive products and not relying on luck.

Like a mad scientist, I have devoted my life to comparing, exploring and differentiating the concepts in advertisement that work from those that only cost you money.

I've learned with the best and from the best.

I've isolated a few very special tricks that allow me to out-pull almost any ad - even good ones.

And... I've TESTED all my concepts.

You know, most advertising agencies spend a lifetime running expensive ads for their clients and never comparing results, never taking the time to identify what works and what doesn't. How could that ignorant way lead to any success, any advancement?

It can't.

And it doesn't.

Unless you have a deep understanding of persuasion flow. Unless you've spent millions of dollars on scientific testing, you cannot expect to know what makes people open their wallet and beg you to rush them your product while it is still available.

I must confess... the reason why my ads make my clients very rich, very fast lies in the realization of one powerful wealth-building truth.

If the difference between a persuasive ad and a poor ad can be as much as 1350%, what is the difference in the profit these websites make for their owners?

Thirteen times more effective?


Much more. Let me show you.

Here's What Just A 10% Increase Could Be Worth To YOU:

Let's say, traffic costs $20,000. If ad "A", written by a mediocre writer makes $20,550, it nearly just breaks-even making $550 in profit on each run.

On the other hand, ad "B" is strategically constructed to follow a years-tested response-boosting formula and it is just ten percent more effective than ad "A" (which I guarantee or your money-back) and brings back $22,605 each time it is published. It is $2,605 in profits or 4.7 times more effective than the ad written by the mediocre writer... with just a 10% increased response.

The reason why such a little increase in response can make such a dramatic difference in profits lies in the simple fact...

"The Advertising Space Costs The Same Whether It Pulls Zero Orders,... Ten Orders, ... Or One Hundred Orders"

Once you realize this, you will agree with me...

Advertising is the ultimate marketing leverage tool.

The best news is: once you have an effective sales letter, the advertising space is no longer expensive. In fact, it is cheap. And it is precise.

With a direct-response sales letter, you will know exactly how much money each visitor is worth to you. That will enable you to know precisely how expensive the ad space you can afford is, and almost exactly how much money you can expect from each campaign.

No more guessing.

And now you can easily afford the most expensive and the most effective advertising space out there. Here's why.

You are paying for ad space at a break-even point of the average advertiser with a poor sales letter. That is nothing (most of the times not even half as effective) compared to the mind-blowing results savvy entrepreneurs are getting with letters I craft for them.

Before you decide you want me to make your own profit-skyrocketing sales letter, let me show you...

How Have My Clients Done?

I wish I could say I hit a home run every time, but of course I can't. But by and large, my clients have done quite well. For example:

A Privacy Protection Dotcom: After altering his winning sales page from one page to 14 pages long with benefits and a unique offer that is key to a good advertisement, within one month, my client reported a 714% increase in sales. If you take that the client is a multi-million company with branches in 32 countries, you see how profitable these results are.

A Business Communication Seminar: I did a "quickie" newspaper ad for this friend. From ads that were constantly bringing him 14-17 attendees at $150 each, my ad brought him 117 the first time he published it - that's more than a 1000% increase!

A Memory Training Course: A squeeze page (opt-in page) I did for them converts at 34.1% with very mixed traffic.

A Dating Seminar: His squeeze page now converts at a whopping 72% with very targeted traffic he generates from Adwords and from joint-venture lists. Also, a web sales letter I did for him converts at 3.8% for a $197 product.

A Commodity Dealer: My first ad failed so poorly that I've never received another chance. But it was me, not my client, who took the loss in accordance to my risk-free agreement (more about it below).

A Commodity Dealer #2: Learning from my previous experience, this client in the same industry reported a 342 000€ (Euros) increase of sales that month as a result of running my ad.

A Strategic Entrepreneur: A client hired me to out-pull his sales letter selling Dan Kennedy's interview. His profit has skyrocketed from $9,000 to over $40,000 a month as a result of my conversion-boosting work.

A Laser-Printer Toner Cartridge Repair Service: An ad I've created for them cost about $3,000 in production and netted better than $15,000 after all fulfillment costs each time (and it is running for a second year now!). This small family business has exploded in profits. They grew by four times last year, thanks mainly to my ad and their hard work.

A Six Million Per Month Internet Entrepreneur: This big-fish hired me for his promotion of a new traffic-generation seminar. Thanks to his reputation and my scientifically-crafted ad, he is jam-packing event after event.

With results such as these I can put-the-money-where-my-mouth-is and guarantee you:

"Increased Response to Your Ads By At Least 10% or Your Money Back!"

I believe every professional who claims to be one of the best should be willing to risk his own money by guaranteeing his work.

I do.

Interesting enough, no web designers, writers or "creative" advertising agencies will ever dare to offer you the money back.

Whether you need a

  • Magazine ad

  • Newspaper ad

  • TV Infomercial

  • Website Sales Letter

  • Squeeze pages (opt-in)

  • Direct Mail Package

  • Email Promotion or Autoresponder Series

  • Megalogs

  • Press Releases

I can help you get a good one.

Unfortunately, I cannot take up everyone...

Check If You Qualify...

Just as a Cadillac and a dream home is not for everyone, my services are limited only to a selected few. As with everything valuable in life, my services have a price. Wise men realize it is not how much it costs, but how much it makes you.

My fees start at $10,000+ and my protege's fees at $5,000+. The best quote I can give you if you fill out the form below, tell me about your product or service and give me a day or two to go through it and get back to you.


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For advertisement that (always!) works,

Dominic B. Wright
Hall-of-Fame Copywriter, Author and Entrepreneur

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